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My First Comment

   7 April 2004, evening time

I posted my first comment yesterday at Metafilter (well, Metatalk to be exact.)

Ever since Mez got me hooked on metafilter, I wanted an account, if only to say I had one. There is a lot of dumb shit posted on Metafilter that I always feel like replying to as well. At times Metafilter is very US-centric.

Mezan messaged me letting me know that Matt Haughey was finally opening up Metafilter again. There would be 20 new accounts allowed each day. You would be able to apply for an account at 12:00 PM, Pacific time. I had to wait a day to apply.

When 3:00 PM Eastern time rolled around, I logged on to Metafilter, hit refresh a few times and was greeted with a page welcoming me to join Metafilter. To say I rushed to fill out that form would be an understatement. I was so worried someone would sneak in and steal my spot. I typed as fast as I could and hit the submit button.

I had my own Metafilter account. Such a nice feeling.

I tried to login. The name I chose for myself was chungking express, after my favourite movie. I was surprised to find out my username and password didn’t work. I tried again and again with no luck. Confused, I pressed the back button on my browser, trying to find my sign up page.

You know what I typed in my rush? chunking express. I hope if I harass Matt Haughey enough, he’ll change my name.

How do I forget to type a G.



  1. i think this is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. dunno why.

  2. And here is my second comment. I have yet to interject with something insightful. Posts on Metafilter have been a bit lackluster recently I would say.

  3. At least you’re not like me, posting crap on other people’s weblogs just to tell them I finally got my videos to play in linux on my laptop heh

  4. So now you have video and sound? Nice. All you need is a mac and you’re set.

  5. Gee, thanks for telling me, Mezan.

  6. Oh, well we can make my account a communal account or something if people want to post links or comments. Mezan didn’t get an account either actually.

  7. I thought you had an account, Dave.

  8. No, I’ve got a Plastic account where I’m funny helpful underrated astute.

  9. What is your plastic account name?

  10. Dayfat, of course. I don’t post there that often.

    Having a large picture in the background of your message preview page is annoying when the black text is swallowed up by the image.

  11. Noted. Actually, I think I may get rid of the background images because I think shifting over all the content so much just to accommodate the photos is not so good. I think you need to open your browser pretty wide to see the whole page, even though only like half the window has stuff to read.

  12. You should probably decide on a layout and a content management system one day.

  13. I like to switch too much though. I think i’m going to stick with textpattern for the time being. Maybe I will try making my own CMS. Anyways, I think this layout might be the one i’ll stick with. It is like a hybrid between the old front page, and the old actual blog.

  14. i think this is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. dunno why. [ed. Spam?]

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