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My Name Is Lexi

   4 March 2005, lunch time

Dave and I were waiting for Controller.Controller to start their show. The Canadian Independent Music Awards were running ahead of schedule and their was a small pause in the festivities. Two girls were leaning against the left side of the stage in front of us. One of the girls looked familiar. I turned to Dave and said, “That girl looks like the lead singer of Magneta Lane.”

“Which one?” Dave replied.

“Over there, against the stage.” I then made a meagre attempt to describe the girl so Dave would know who I was talking about.

By the time Controller.Controller had taken to the stage the two girls were right in front of us. I don’t recall exactly how we started talking, but we did end up exchanging a few words.

“Are you the lead singer of the Magneta Lane?”

She smiled, leaned back a bit, and replied, “Yeah, I am.”

Your show at the Drake was excellent.


“I’ve been meaning to ask you since that show, what’s your real name?”


“Bullshit—come on, what’s your real name.”

“It’s really Lexi.”

“Really? You looked to me like a Roshanak or a Sarah,” which was my not so subtle attempt to tell her she looked Middle Eastern.

“She’s not Indian, she’s Mexican,” interrupted her friend, a British girl.

Now, I wasn’t calling her Indian, I was calling her Middle Eastern, but I decided there was no point bringing that up.

Lexi then went on to describe that Lexi is in fact a strange name regardless of whether you are Mexican or not.



  1. The link to this post now works; thanks Mez.

  2. I should make a list of all the ethnicities/nationalities/things people have thought I was. The first question I’m always asked is about my background.

    One guy in the gym thought I was a doctor for some reason. I think another guy from Mexico started talking to me in the hope that I’d speak Spanish. Of course people have asked if I was Spanish, Italian, Greek, anywhere from the Middle East. Once again, in the gym, a guy thought I was specifically Israeli. When I was in India I was asked if I was some kind of mix…

  3. You should just play along. I think the fact you look vaguely ethnic would be helpful in your career as a spy.

  4. Well, I’m not really complaining. It’s good to be vaguely ethnic.

  5. I was almost certain you were persian when i first met you.

  6. Interesting, I like it as a guy’s name. In fact, Lexi might just be my new alias!

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