A painting of me

Namugenyi: Reprise

   16 August 2006, late morning

I met Rishi and Mezan downtown for dinner last night. I stopped in at HMV first, because I am a fan of buying music. A drum and bass CD was playing on the top floor of HMV. I wandered towards the sound. The first song was good, but not exceptional. I kept on browsing, while the second song started up. What a song. Midway through I walked over to find out what was playing. It was a Shy FX album. I didn’t realize he still made music. I walked over the the Electronica section to see how much the album was: thirty-two God damn dollars. I wanted to buy it, but that’s just too much for a 10-track LP. I had to leave the store though, because the music was great and I have very little will power. I started marching down Yonge, towards Queen, when I passed three black girls. Not just any three black girls, but the same three black girls I saw the day before with Shima, one of which was Namugenyi.



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