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Nintendo DS: Day 224 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

   13 July 2006, early morning

I finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney last night. Dave lent me the game a few weeks back to play. It took a lot of effort for him to get the game, as it is way more rare than it probably should be. The game is fun, but wasn’t as good as I had thought it would be. There are 5 cases in the game you as Phoenix Wright, a young defense attorney, must solve. You’re sort of like Perry Mason or Matlock in that you normally prove your client is innocent by finding the culprit of the crime, which in this game is always murder. Part of the game involves listening to testimonies from witnesses and finding contradictions in what the witnesses say. The other half of the game is spent traveling around searching for clues and evidence, and talking to people involved with the case. It’s a very novel idea for a game, but one that can get a bit tedious at times. The story is very linear, and a few times I was unsure what specific sequence of events I needed to do to advance the plot. I also wasn’t that impressed with the dialog in the game, though there are some really funny gems here and there. All-in-all it’s a good game, but since the replay on it is essentially nill, you should probably rent it or buy it on the cheap.



  1. I’m playing it now, and enjoying myself still. Though I found the first 2 cases to be the best, the 3rd one is dragging on a little bit.

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