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Nintendo DS: Day 227 (Everyone Wants One)

   26 June 2006, lunch time

Carvill and I had brunch together at the Easy, and then headed off in search of a DS Lite. She had decided to get one after playing Super Mario DS on her brother-in-law’s Lite. Elsewhere, earlier that day, Dave also picked up a DS Lite. Like myself, Dave already owned a Nintendo DS. Dave gave his old DS to Sarah, his girlfriend. Between the lot of us we had 4 Nintendo DS systems; the only reasonable thing to do would be to meet up, order pizza, drink import beer, and play lots of Tetris—which is what we did. The fun factor of Tetris seems to increase uniformly with the number of players you have. I’m still not sure if playing with items on is fun or not—it certainly is crazy anyway. The DS version of Tetris is excellent. It’s definitely a must-have game if you own the system.



  1. I’ve been doing my share of DS evangelizing by having my friends and their mothers playing the New Super Mario Bros. My girlfriend has something like 3000 lines on Tetris DS endless, and loves to rub it in.

  2. Tetris is wicked. All the different modes are also great. Another good multiplayer game is Big Brain Academy. Even though its just a bunch of weird puzzle games its still really fun to play.

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