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Not So Anonymous Blogging at Banu

   1 February 2007, early morning

Carvill and I went to Banu for a late dinner last night. The restaurant is run by two sisters: one has long hair and wears black boots, the other has short hair and doesn’t wear black boots. They both sit down next to you when they take your orders, which gives the place a very casual vibe. It is easily my favourite kebab place in the city.

One of the sisters stumbled on my post about my first trip there, and left a comment. I didn’t say anything about it because, frankly, I had no idea they would even know what I’m talking about. Also, even if they did, I imagine we’d have a short and boring conversation about it:

“Hey, I’m Ram. You left a comment on my website.”
“Yes I did.”

It is always strange when the real world and this virtual one overlap. I was of the opinion random people who stumble on the site don’t match my face to this website. You can figure it out easily enough, but it’s not so straightforward. There aren’t that many photos of me here. The last one was from September. I mean, when the site was profiled on BlogTO the picture that went with it was of Mezan and Patrick.

Carvill and I finished dinner, paid, put on our coats, and started to make our way to the door. As we were leaving, the short haired sister said, “Thanks for coming Ram, have a good night.”



  1. Are those the $17 Kabobs? I wouldn’t pay that much for a Kabob, heck I canceled my order at the food court cause they wanted 50 cents for Taboiuli (only cause I’m a regular and I always get it for free cause I only want the smallest amount instead of a while side.) On the other hand I would pay $17 for a nice French Proviciale salad…mmmm

  2. People need to be willing to pay for wicked food. That place is so awesome.

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