A painting of me

Old Yeller

   28 March 2005, lunch time

Laying in bed last night, I was woken up by the sounds of people yelling in the hallway outside of my apartment. Someone who sounded like an old lady was ranting about something. There was some sort of argument going on. I tried to listen to what was being said from my bed, but I couldn’t make anything out. When the argument didn’t stop for quite some time, I debated getting out of bed to tell people to be quiet. I was too comfortable to do that, so I just tried to sleep. Eventually I heard my neighbours coming out of their rooms to tell off the people arguing. The reason I couldn’t make out what the people arguing were saying was because they were arguing in some Eastern European language. Eventually things quieted down. I guess the lady decided to leave.

Then some time later, very late at night, the lady was back, yelling up a storm.



  1. You should’ve taken a photo.

  2. I was mistaken—the lady lives on my floor. I heard the building manager telling her off today.

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