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One Week

    9 June 2008, early morning

I generally try and keep this site devoid of too much detail about my life. In part, this is because my life is really not some stranger on the Internet’s business. Also, my life is pretty boring as peoples’ lives go. I like to think of funkaoshi.com as an impersonal personal web site. Of course, my life is now closely tied to that of another person, and so it bleeds through in other places on the web. It’s good to make note of important events in your life. We had a party this past weekend with some of our friends. Next week, a bunch of those people will be replaced by a bunch of brown people, and we’ll have another party. And after that we’ll be married.



  1. Whoo, amazing! Sorry we couldn’t be there on Saturday, but it looks like an amazing time was had by all.

  2. Awesome!! Loved the pictures, I’m hoping to see more..everyone looked really nice, I guess they took the dress to impress note to heart…I wish I was there to witness it all, especially your speech…I mean, only you would take your camera up and take a pic before speaking…

  3. Congrats on your pre-wedding!

    The funny thing about personal details on the net is that it shows how small the world can be. Turns out one of your party attendees is a coworker of mine…

  4. Strange. Who’d you work with? I assume one of the planners … but who!

  5. Yep. It’s one of the planners – Martina.

  6. That was Shima’s guess. If only we had bet. And I had bet on her guess, and she had bet on someone else.

  7. congratulations on the pre-wedding — very happy for you, ram!

  8. Thanks Ali and Matt too. Everyone now needs to cross their fingers that it doesn’t rain on Saturday and Sunday. Make it happen, people!

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