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Only one carry on? No electronics for the first hour of flight? I wish that, just once, some terrorist would try something that you can only foil by upgrading the passengers to first class and giving them free drinks.
Bruce Schneier on the stupidness that is flying in/through/to the United States.


  1. Related: Your chances of dying in a terrorist plane attack? Not fucking likely.

  2. Read the Air Canada travel advisory. Could flying be any more annoying?

  3. Getting from Toronto back to NY was an absolute nightmare. Four flights I was confirmed on were canceled, one after the other. Arriving at 4:30am for a 6:45am departure was not nearly enough time to make it through security. No bags at all were allowed on the plane, except for “small ladies’ purses” which could only be carried by women. I saw someone who was told to throw out a paperback book they were carrying in their hand, unless they wanted check it in, which would require them to go back to the end of the 2+ hour long security line. Also, my checked luggage was manually searched and poorly repacked – leading to a crack in the cover on my SLR. Oh, and all this was so I could fly from Toronto to Dallas (!) in order to connect to a flight to New York. And I missed the connection. And my luggage didn’t make it on the flight they eventually put me on. Amazing.

  4. Also: The True Odds of Airborne Terror Chart

  5. That sounds like a disaster. I feel sorry for a few of my friends who have to return to Seattle and Austin once the holidays are over.

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