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Parineeta (The Married Woman)

   19 February 2006, evening time

I watched Parineeta today with my mom. The film, an adaptation of the book by the same name, is your typical bollywood fare—at least with respect to the plot. Inspite of this, I thought the film was quite good. The movie is set in 1962 Calcutta, and tracks the relationship between two childhood almost sweethearts. The sets and costumes from the period are quite cool. Rehka, bollywood starlet of the 70s, makes a brief apperence in the film as a lounge singer. (Her number was my favourite song in the movie.) I think Bollywood is getting much better at producing these sorts of films.

The official Parineeta web site.



  1. i think i may be the only person who didn’t like it :\

    but i loved the songs…

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