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Peter Brimelow is a Broken Man

   19 April 2007, mid-morning

Hatred, which could destroy so much, never failed to destroy the man who hated, and this was an immutable law. — James Baldwin

VDARE wastes no time when it comes to exploiting the dead of Virginia Tech. The bodies aren’t even in the ground, but that doesn’t stop Peter Brimelow with blessing us with this little gem:

There is one indisputable fact about Monday’s shootings at Virginia Tech: if Seung-Hui Cho had not been allowed to immigrate to the U.S. in 1992, he would not have been able to murder 33 innocent people here in 2007. — Virginia Tech Massacre: Gun Control—Or Immigration Control?

Whose earliest reactions, after learning 33 students are dead, is to rush to write a diatribe against Koreans? Besides being stupid, it’s incredibly callous. Of course, it’s the sort of reaction one would expect from the people of VDARE. VDARE is anti-immigrant, which just happens to make them anti-immigration. To pretend the organization is not composed of a bunch of racists trying to legitimize their racism is disingenuous to all parties. As such, stories such as this are what they live for. You can be certain this story will be a bullet point in all future stories they write about Koreans.

Now I have no interest in writing about how Koreans aren’t all killers in training, criminals, prone to violence, etc. I certainly hope Koreans don’t take it upon themselves to do so as well. This is a stupid argument to be forced to make. You don’t have to defend yourselves to anyone, least of all White Americans. If they have a problem with Koreans because of the actions of one person, that is their problem; they are the ones who are fucked up.

What I did want to say is that Peter Brimelow and his ilk are broken — and I mean that quite literally. To be unable to look at another human and get past the fact they aren’t White is sad. It takes effort and willful ignorance to live ones life that way. It takes a rejection of your own humanity.

Michael’s turned off comments on his weblog, which is why all this stuff has spilled over to my own site, and for that I apologize. I like linking to random crap much more than writing about wing-nuts, but people such as Brimelow need to get called out for being dumb asses.



  1. Let it be some other asian is an interesting article on the related subject of race and the Virginia shootings.

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