26 September 2004, the wee hours

I’m reposting my PGP key, so you can all send me encrypted email. The government does read your email, I’m not just talking shit. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter; most of us aren’t planning to blow stuff up. However, incase you ever want to plan a surprise birthday party for your friend in the NSA, here is my key.

You can use my public-key to send me encrypted email. People in shady government organizations like to read your email, so using a program like GnuPG or PGP makes it a little harder for them to get at your oh-so-interesting email message.

I have lots of keys floating around that I do not use and can not revoke. I’ve been using PGP on and off (mostly off) for a long time now, and it seems everytime I start to use it again, I’ve lost my old key. This key is the one I’m using now. So if you have another key, don’t use it anymore.

fingerprint : BBBC 136E 4036 5070 D219 AE3D 09B9 4D37 D8E6 9C6D

The fingerprint above should match the fingerprint your crypto-program says my public key has. If this isn’t the case then something is not quite right. Perhaps someone has tampered with my public key. Though If this were the case, you would like to think they would also tamper with the fingerprint above.

Update May 21 2008: I lost my old key god knows when, so I have a brand new one. This sort of thing might be an issue if anyone actually spoke to me using GPG.

Update Nov 8, 2011: I have a new GPG key.



  1. PGP is the shiot.

  2. this is another test comment.

  3. How did the Movable Type installation go?

  4. It's sort of done. I'm not happy with how the comments and stuff look right now. But I think the rest of the site it quite seamless.

  5. I’ve switched back to using GPG instead of PGP since it integrates with Apple’s Mail client for free.

    I’ve also updated my public/private key-pair, since I am now using my funkaoshi email address as my primary email address. The fingerprint above has been updated, as has the link to my public-key.

  6. Didn’t you set expiry dates on all your old keys?

  7. That would a be a sensible thing to do, but no. I always think that this will be my new key from now until the end of time.

  8. There’s a reason why they have expiry dates for these things…

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