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   17 March 2009, early morning

Yesterday I mocked some of the people complaining about the giant anti-war save-the-tigers protest. There was certainly a lot of that sentiment going around, but we live in Toronto, the greatest city in the world, so for every dude moaning about how there are too many people on the street there is someone else happy to ride home in a train full of protesters. For every person complaining the trains are packed there is someone else disappointed by the backlash. For every person shocked people would protest again, there is someone else impressed with how orderly things were. Generally, I find the people of Toronto to be all kinds of awesome.

The star has a wrap up of yesterdays protest, with interviews of various people involved. As I had guessed, neither Torontoist or BlogTO covered the protest. I leave it up to you to guess why that might be. (Last time I saw Himy Syed, he had a lot to say on this topic. I’m waiting for his t.oronto.ca project to launch.)

Update: Torontoist posts photos from the protest.



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