A painting of me

Rachel Blair, circa 1999

    8 February 2008, evening time

In high school we shot yearbook photos on bulk rolled spools of Ilford ISO 400 B&W film. Sometimes we’d grab a roll to shoot our own stuff, there was so much of it laying around. I did this twice. The first roll I shot Rishi developed for me. The second roll I never got around to developing.

9 years is a long time to let a roll of film sit around. The only picture I can remember taking on this roll of film was of Matt’s sister Rachel. I remember her looking sideways and me snapping the shot. The rest of the roll is a blur. And so it remained till today.

On my snow day I decided to go downtown and get this 9 year old roll of film developed. The picture of Rachel is exactly how I recall it — well minus the harsh light and all the grain I guess; in my mind it had become this brilliant lost photo. The rest of the roll is a strange look back in time.

Rachel Blair in the Yearbook Office.



  1. Any idea when you will scan the other photos and put them up?

  2. I was planning on making a page for them at some point, I have them all scanned already. This is really the only one of note.

  3. P.S. – It’s “Rachel”.

  4. Damn you Rachael Ray!

  5. Heh… And not just for that reason, either.

    Great shot, by the way. I should have said that the first time around.

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