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Random Massive Attack

   4 August 2006, late afternoon

Tricky appears on several tracks on Massive Attacks first CD. It’s unclear whether he was an official member of the band, or like Horace Andy, someone the group worked with. When it came time to do the second album Tricky decides to part ways with the group, but left them with some lyrics/music to work with. (Or perhaps he was contractually obligated to leave what he recorded behind.) The songs Karmacoma and Eurochild feature the same rhymes from Tricky as Overcome and Hell is Roud the Corner, respectively. I like Karmacoma more than Overcome, and Hell is Roud the Corner more than Eurochild, though all four songs are really quite good. Back to Blue Lines: there are a ton of great songs on that album. Five Man Army is one of my favourites, but the true classic has to be Unfinished Sympathy.



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