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Ridley Scott is Moving In

   15 April 2007, terribly early in the morning

When Bloor and Lansdowne makes the front page of the Star for something that isn’t crime related, you know it’s going to be good. Yesterday, I, along with many of my neighbours, learned that Ridley Scot was planning on opening a large studio complex in my area . It’s big news for Toronto on the whole really. The building would sit just North of Bloor on Lansdowne, at 940 Lansdowne Ave. This is the sort of new development that could have a very big impact on the neighbourhood. For starters, you’ll have an influx of new people working at the studios, who will need places to eat and shop during the day; second, for something like a studio, I imagine you may attract people who want to come and check it out. I’m hoping the empty store fronts start filling up with more restaurants and shops. At the very least Dupont may get a bit less ugly.



  1. I guess you did start the gentrification process in that area…

  2. “I heard Ramanan’s living at Bloor and Lansdowne now.”
    “Bloor and Lansdowne?”
    “Well scrap the plans for the studio in the Bloor West Village then.”

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