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Nerd Alert: Running from a Moonrage Whitescalp

   19 May 2006, lunch time

My adventures in the World of Warcraft continue. I’m in Silverpine Forest, which is the second area of the map you visit (most likely) if you are playing an undead Character. I actually stumbled into this area by accident when my character, a Warlock), was around level 8 or so. That wasn’t pretty. I was back there yesterday night; my character is level 12 now, and I wasn’t getting killed by the random monsters walking around, which was nice. Until I accidentally unsummoned my Imp. And then I started to get my ass kicked by these this Moonrage Whitescalp. So, I ran.

The Warlock has a spell called Fear, which is the only spell you can cast while moving (*update:* that’s not true). It makes monsters run away from you, which makes your escape a little easier. I ran for a good while along the road towards the Sepulcher, a town in the Silverpine Forest. I knew the monster I scared away would be coming back; fear only lasts a short time. Worse still, when other monsters see a monster you have scared with Fear, they come chasing after you as well.

I was running towards another player. I could see him off in the distance, sitting down, eating something. He looked very relaxed. My character continued his sprint down the road, towards this other player. As I got closer, he stood up. He must have seen I was being chased. I ran just past him and turned around to see what was up. It turns out there were 2 monsters chasing me. The two of us took care of them, and my character lived to see another day. I thanked the player, and was on my way. That’s the nice thing about these sorts of online games. There are other players there, ready to help you out.

This was funny to watch while I was playing the game. I’m not sure if it’s as funny to read.



  1. Running from monsters is probably the most fun part of MMO’s lol. Well, that and dieing, especially when you’re with friends and you think the mobs in the area are all low level and then POW there’s a super strong mob that comes out of nowhere and pwns your entire party.

    WoW is kind of easy though, in that you can run away from the monsters and they’ll give up chasing after a while.

  2. True; it’s also very easy to sneak up on enemys. The AI doesn’t seem to be all too bright.

  3. Stop playing the damn game and spend some time outside, possibly with your girlfriend you idiot. Also, Settlers this weekend?? The email has been sent out

  4. Do people ever gank you?

  5. No, because i’m not on a PvP server; no one can just come and kill me. Well, besides the monsters, which do a pretty good job on their own.

  6. you can actually flag yourself for pvp if u want to get ganked. try it out some time.

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