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Scotch Tasting

   5 April 2012, early morning

In the middle of the winter I ended up a MetaFilter meet up that took place in a bar at the edge of Scarborough called The Feathers. It was a strange spot for a meetup, neither central or transit accessible. The bar made up for these two short comings with its scotch selection. I’m not aware of another bar in the city with a bigger collection than The Feathers. (Though I suppose I haven’t been looking very hard.)

The Feathers is home to hundreds of Single Malt scotches. They probably have anything from Scotland you want to try. If you aren’t sure what you want —like myself—you can sample scotches in pre-selected flights. I wasn’t sure when I’d have a chance to drink 30 year old scotch again I opted for there flashiest flight, The Feathers Flight:

  • Aucentoshan 21 Years cask strength
  • Brora 18 Years Cask Strength Laing
  • Coleburn 1983 Signatory
  • Ardberg 27 years Cask Strength Laing
  • Port Ellen 1980 Signatory

The Port Ellen is as old as me. That’s some serious-ass scotch. It was so very good. The strangest of the bunch was the Coleburn, which was very fruity tasting. I don’t think i’d want a bottle of the stuff, but it was definitely one of the more interesting scotches I’ve tried in quite some time. The other scotches were all quite good, but I don’t remember any of them really standing out. They were all delicious old scotches, of varying smokiness.

This bar is worth well worth the trip to Scarborough—as if you needed another reason to go.



  1. The Caledonian has a pretty big selection, and it’s a lot closer to you.

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