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Shima's New Look

   20 September 2004, the wee hours

I redesigned Shima’s web site. I think it suits her character more now—at least in my opinion. Things aren’t as perfect as I would like just yet. The URLs for all her stuff bug me to no end, and the archive page needs to be made more informative. Nevertheless, the look of the whole site is more or less done, and I am quite happy with it. There are some quirks that sometimes creep up because I am displaying the ‘shimoticons’ as background images; sometimes they get cropped if the post for the particular day is short. Shima emailed me a picture of herself with her hair in buns some time ago, which were the inspiration for the whole site. Opinions and suggestions on her new site are more then welcome.



  1. Nice, clean look. I like the colors.

    Shima is a lucky gal!

  2. You will be hearing from our legal department shortly.

  3. I *am* a lucky gal! :D


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