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Slumdog Millionaire

   15 January 2009, mid-morning

I watched Slumdog Millionaire with Shima on Sunday night. It was one of those movies everyone I knew wanted to watch, which usually means no one ends up watching it. The movie is very good, though I’m not sure it’s as superlative as all the reviews make it out to be. The story is as follows: a boy from the slums of Mumbai ends up on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and ends up answering question after question; no one believes he could possibly know the answers, so he is taken by the police and interrogated; during the interrogation, we learn about his life, and how he knew the answers to each question asked of him. I’ve heard the film described as a cross between a Bollywood movie and a Capra film, and that sounds about right. It is also a little bit like a Dickens novel, with all the poverty and outlandish plot twists. The actors do a great job with their parts (Anil Kapoor as the condescending host of the show is great to watch, and I think Irrfan Khan is the coolest guy ever). The movie has some great shots, and some really great chase scenes. A.R. Rahman scores the movie, and this is yet another plus for the film. Though cheesy at times, this movie has too much going for it not to see.

The official Slumdog Millionaire web site.



  1. We watched it with mum dad and supitha…I really liked it and I’ll probably liberate the soundtrack at some point..I think it’s worthy of the praise, simple enough story executed really really well. Plus, Danny Boyle is such a badass…I agree, Ifrham Khan is gangster, he was really good in “The Namesake” with Kumar ha!

  2. personally think there have been better coming of age movies in india but this one gets the attention for being a british production. oh well.

    in all an enjoyable film and definitely the MIA + Rahman collab was the highlight.

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