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Smallville Season 3 Is Awesome

   23 September 2004, late afternoon

Ahilan bitches to no end about the sorry state Smallville is in. I’m mid way through season 3 now. In fact, I am midway through episode 11, Delete, of season 3. In this episode some sexy yet geeky computer hacker chick is controlling people via email. If that wasn’t good enough, Lana and Chloe get in a cat fight that ends up in the girls locker room shower. I can’t make this shit up people. I actually paused the episode at the end of the fight to write this post. I kid you not.

On a more serious side note, the story arc that involves Lex going to the insane asylum was actually really good. Episode 8, Shattered, ended with a version of Hurt I haven’t heard before and was an all around great episode. Episode 9, Asylum, opens with Future Proof by Massive Attack. The episode featured a lot of the bad guys from the past that have ended up locked up in Belle Reve as well.

Just incase there is any confusion though, I am seriously enjoying episode 11. Smallville seems to be how I get my soap opera fix now.



  1. Yeah, I like the Johnny Cash version of “Hurt” a lot. He’s got 4 albums of nothing but covers of contemporary songs, the American series. NIN, Depeche Mode, the Beatles, U2, he’s all over the place in them.

    Also, the cutest girl on Smallville is “Chloe.”

  2. I’m a big Chloe backer ever since episode 16 of season 2, Fever, where she confesses her love to Clark in that letter. It was oh so sappy. I love it.

    It sounded like Johnny Cash, but I didn’t think that could be right. Weird. At first I thought maybe the NIN version was a cover of something older. Johnny Cash was a cool man

  3. Telephone call from the future? Episode 16 was another good one. The end with Lionel pointing the gun at himself with a requiem playing was a nice touch.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! More abt the shower room scene please! ;-)

    I agree Kristen Kreuk is hot but Chloe is so cute. BTW who is Clark leaning towards – Lana or Chloe? Man I miss that show (not here in Australia…I gotta download it…any links?).

  5. That one scene where lex see’s clark stop a speeding car is fantastic. unfortunately, i stopped watching the show after that episode and am completely lost as to what the hell happened in season 3.

    how are you watching it ram? is it on dvd?

  6. Gary has been supplying me with episodes he downloaded. I plan to watch the rest of season 3 when the next set of DVDs come out in November.

  7. You can get the 3rd Season of Smallville on DVD November 16, 2004. I cannot wait.

    I have already seen them all, but I will be buying that DVD Collection as soon as it comes out.

    I was hesitant to buy the First Season, because I had already seen them and I didn’t know if it would be worth it. I went ahead and bought it and boy, was it worth it! I have really enjoyed going back and remembering all the stuff that was forgotten. I mean, that Season was three years ago.

    After that, I had to go get the Second Season on DVD. Another great investment. You get a lot of the inuendo inbetween the characters from the Second Season.

    I thought that Johnny Cash song was a great ending to one of many great episodes! I have it on tape (recorded off of the TV), and I have watched that part of the episode many, many times. I just think it is great film.

    Sunny, Clark is not leaning toward either: Lana has been in Paris, and Cloe is….well….dead. How’s that for blowing your mind?

    Keep the comments going…
    Fun topic.

  8. Yeah. I added it to my wish list so I remember to grab it. I’m looking forward to it. I liked the first episode of Season 4, though I thought the second was a bit over the top. Have to see where they take the show this season. It’ll be interesting to see what the Lois Lane character adds to the show. 3 women after Clark?

  9. Must be nice…he he.
    I wouldn’t know what it is like to have three women after me.

    I cannot wait until tonight.
    It is supposed to be a very controversial episode.

    Side note: Be sure to pre-order Seinfeld DVD from Bestbuy.com, and you will get it along with $20 worth in digital coupons when they ship it. I think it comes out like the 23rd of November….just around the corner.

  10. this show sucks big time and i think ther is not alot of action in the series. clark is supperman and he follows rules from the police and the parents. I say he kills the parents and any of boyfriends that have gone out with his girl. Kills them all and no one can toch him. he unites all they people that are like him and thy rule the earth. now thats a show i can watch.

  11. what is the requiem playing when lionel luther looks about to shoot himself in episode 16 of season 3? anybody know?

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