A painting of me

So we left Sneaky Dees

   11 June 2005, mid-afternoon

After going to Embassy, Supermarket, and Sneaky Dees, I split off from my Scarborough posse and headed off to The Midtowne with Yathavan, Shannon and Amanda. Matt, Aaron, and Laura had headed straight there instead of making a detour for food at Sneaky Dees. Yathavan and I arrived at around 1:00 at the bar. It was just down the road. Matt and his friends were playing pool at the back of the bar. The place was pretty nice, but looks very plain when compared to everything else in the area. We loitered around at the Midtowne for an hour and a half or so, and then headed off for food. Yathavan and I met up with Gary and Steph and a few of Gary’s friends at Pho 88 on Spadina. It must have been close to 3:15 at this point. It was my 5th stop of the night—I was tired.



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