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Some Thoughts on Pens

   19 October 2007, early morning

There seems to be an obsession online with Pilot G2 Pens. Those particular pens come up all the time on sites like 43Folders and the Moleskinerie — even Daring Fireball has mentioned them. I quite like them and have used them in the past, but I think there are much nicer pens available. (Maybe it’s hard to find nicer pens in the US? In Toronto you can get all sorts of nice Japanese pens.) Of the pens Pilot makes, I prefer their Hi-Tec-C line. For a good while I would use their 0.25mm pens. They produce much finer lines then your typical gel-ink pen. The finest pens I’ve come across I found out about through Shima: the Sakura Pigma Microns. I’ve been using the Pigma Micron 005 which has a 0.2mm nib. It’s easily the nicest pen I’ve used, and it’s the one I am using right now. Shima keeps forgetting where she buys them though, so I’m not sure what i’ll do when this one runs out.



  1. I do know where I get them from! 8o|

    I would recommend Curry’s. They seem to be the only one to be carrying it.. oh and Loomis, but since they charge way too much and the sales people are rude, I prefer not to go to their store.

    These pens are awesome for drafting.

  2. for writing and note taking i’m a lot less picky. but for sketches and detailed drawings, my favorite is the FAber and Castell art pens (I like the ‘F’ size). I compared them with the staedler, pilot and other brands sold at curies for the same purpose, and the F&C brand is my favorite for smoothness on sketch book paper

  3. you are going to have to go on ebay for this one, but the discontinued Rotring 600 is a fine fine pen and pencil. It is anodized aluminum and sits so nicely in my hand. the balance point is perfect.

    trust me, try one!

    search ebay for ‘rotring 600’

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