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Soundwave: Superior

   6 February 2007, early morning

my ipod shuffle

All about my 2nd generation iPod shuffle.

My iPod shuffle made its way from China to my office over the course of a week, arriving yesterday morning. (The trip from China to Toronto took all of 2 days, the sorting and then waiting another 5.) This iPod replaces my 3rd generation 15 gig iPod. In some ways this is a step backwards — I have less space and no screen. I think I can live with that. I haven’t been using the full 15 gigs of my old iPod for ages now — certainly not since I left school. I usually listen to a couple albums a day, alternating between them. I don’t use the built in calender, notebook, or any of that extra jazz, and I’m usually aware of what music I’m listening to: I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to live without a screen. The iPod shuffle is quite nice. It is wicked small, dwarfed by the headphones I plug into it. Syncing a full gig of music onto it took about 5 minutes or so, if that. Apple says you can fit 240 songs on the player, but that’s if you encode them as 128bit ACC files. I usually encode at 224bit, so the files are bigger; I can fit about 150 or so songs on the player, which is still enough for me. Right now the shuffle picks tracks randomly from the music that was on my old iPod. I think I’ll keep this behaviour for the next little while. So far I’m quite liking the shuffle.

(I engraved Soundwave: Superior on the back of the iPod. It’s written in the tiniest text. I couldn’t fit Constructocons: Inferior as well, which is a shame.)



  1. Protip: you can have iTunes downsample mp3s when you sync to the shuffle, so you can fit more music goodness. It makes syncing slower though.

  2. I really need to punch you in the face.

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