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Sri Lanka vs. the West Indies

   1 April 2007, early afternoon

Dilshan follows up a 4 with a 6 to end Sri Lanka’s innings — that’s how you play cricket. Sri Lanka posted a score of 303 for 5. That’s a great score, and its quite likely they can win this game. They got off to a very poor start, losing Tharanga and Sangakkara very early in the game. After 10 overs they were only at 30 something runs, which is quite uncharacteristic for Sri Lanka. All this changed at around the 15th over, when Jayasuriya started whacking away at the ball. He didn’t really let up till he got his century. Sri Lanka have been playing great this world cup. I expect some great bowling from them in the upcoming inning. The West Indies have some strong batsman, but they haven’t done much yet this world cup.

Update: Sri Lanka pretty much rocked the West Indies. The bowling and fielding in the second innings was excellent. All the bowlers got a couple wickets each — even the all rounders bowled a fairly long low-run spell. Sri Lanka played a wicked match. I’m pretty confident they can make it to the semi-finals if they keep this up.



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