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Stop Calling Me, Lady

   22 February 2009, early evening

Andrea Horwath won’t stop spamming me. She’s running for leadership of the Ontario NDP. I’ve also got more robocalls from her than any other candidate. Annoying the electorate isn’t a good way to run a campaign: If you’re going to call me at least have a real live person do on the other end of the phone line. I would think this is obvious, but apparently not. Signing up for the NDP has been a bit disappointing. I haven’t been the recipient of this much junk mail in ages. This is lame.



  1. It’s definitely frustrating. I haven’t noticed a particularly huge amount of spam from Horwath, but I think that’s only because I’m getting a lot of calls and emails from all of the candidates.

    Peter Tabuns is the only one I’ve spoken to directly, and to his credit, he was very polite and he let me off the phone as soon as I told him I was still reviewing the candidates.

  2. Peter Tabuns campaign office has called me 3-4 times, but then it was from a staffer checking to see if I’d vote for him, since they were the ones that signed me up. Horwath is making me crazy. I haven’t spoke to a real person from her campaign yet. I’m not sure I’ve received a robocall from the other two candidates. I probably have, but I usually hang up so fast now I don’t have time to figure out what’s up. I ended up calling the NDP last week to have my names removed from their mailing/telephone lists, but the candidates already have them, so it won’t matter for this election.

  3. I should do that too. I’m already screening my calls.

  4. I signed up for an AGO membership and got pissed at the number of mails & calls they pump out. I don’t mind the mails, but the calls seem useless as they can’t really provide any information.

    Old school advertising techniques for politics and whatever else just seem really hucksterish these days.

    I would say I won’t speak to robots and hang up on principle, but that sounds like robot racism and I have an eye to the pending robocalypse. Really, what it is is I won’t speak to recordings.

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