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Sukiyaki Western Django

    2 March 2009, early morning

I watched Sukiyaki Western Django over the weekend. What a strange movie. The story is simple: an unnamed stranger rolls in to Western town, with a vendetta that is never made clear, and is hired by the townsfolk to rid them of the gangs that have been terrorizing them. The movie is in many ways a homage to other Westerns or Samurai films: there are lots of scenes that reminded me of other films I’ve seen, most notably, Once Upon a Time in the West. (And I suppose many westerns borrowed heavily from older Japanese Samurai films by the Kurosawa. So this could be seen as coming full circle.) The film is very surreal. The sets are outlandish, as is the story, as are all the costumes. Beyond that, the actors are all Japanese, but the movie is filmed in English. So every is speaking in bizarre heavily accented English. It’s very trippy. I suppose you can expect nothing less from Takeshi Miike. I quite liked the film, though amongst my friends the reception was certainly mixed.

The official Sukiyaki Western Django web site.



  1. The grandma in the film was hot, right? No one believes me!

  2. She’s hot for a grandma, I suppose.

  3. Haha, I saw this a couple months ago. It was kind of amusing. The gun fighting was pretty good I think.

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