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Sweet Sweet Teksavvy

   7 March 2007, evening time

Teksavvy is awesome. I am downloading via BitTorrent again, and it feels wonderful. The web is as snappy as it was under Rogers Extreme, so all is well in the world. Besides that, the fact that when I call their office a real person answers the phone, and when I email them I get an email back from a real person, is a big plus. I switched away from Rogers because for the second time since I started using them they started throttling my service. I ask you, what’s the point of paying for 5MBS connections to the net if you can’t use them to download huge ass torrent files? I’m not even some chronic downloader, I just want to grab Lost once in a while. Is that so bad? Teksavvy is the new hotness.



  1. How much are you paying a month for Teksavy and what is your connection speed? When you left your router in scarborough rogers was damn fast! On IRC I would average at least 500kb. Most bots I could hit 800 kb or so.

  2. Are you coming back to Scaborough? Will we be watching 24 season 5.

  3. My connection is 5Mb/s down, 800Kb/s up, which is slightly slower than Rogers. Like I said though, pretty much the only time I need to grab large files, its via BitTorrent. So Rogers 6Mb/s connection throttled down to fuck-all was kind of a big waste of money. Anyone know if you get better speeds from newer fancier DSL modems?

  4. Awesome, I’m calling them to switch now.

  5. I am using TekSavvy too.

    I should have switched a long time ago. Their admins are active in the dslreports.com forums and you can actually talk to a real person on the phone if the need ever arose (unlike 3web where they likely employed one staff to handle tech support for all its customers).

    I have a Speedtouch 516v6. Probably the best DSL modem you can get at the current time. Bell hasn’t switched to ADSL2 yet, but that modem is ready for it once it is enabled.

  6. hey Ram, are you still happy with TekSavvy?

  7. I would have its babies if I could.

  8. thanks for the tip Ram, I just signed up for them. I was impressed at not having to hold for customer service. Hopefully the connection itself lives up to the same standards.

    I did come across this as a group discount rate on TekSavvy (I’m not affiliated with it in any way, and I can only vouch for it so far as I mentioned it in my order and they said they’d start applying the discount). If you’re not already on some kind of group plan, maybe it’ll save you a few bucks (or are you on the super-greedy Unlimited plan?).

  9. they really are awesome. I did talk to one tech support guy yesterday who didn’t know what he was talking about, but to be fair, neither did I. The one I talked to today set me straight, and anyway, if it had been Sympatico, I wouldn’t‘ve ever got through to the tech support department in the first place.

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