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Terminator: 90210

   26 February 2008, early morning

The new Terminator show is great. If you liked the first two movies, I can’t imagine you not liking the new show. The show features a bunch of familiar faces: hot lady from 300 and Imagine Me and You, the Cheerleaders gay friend from Heroes, Summer from Firefly, and, most recently, Brian Austin Green from 90210. He shows up in episode 5. I thought to myself, “Damn, that dude totally looks like Brian Austin Green.” In fact, it was Brian Austin Green.



  1. I’ve got a love-hate thing going on with the show, or more accurately a like-dislike. I disliked the pilot, which ripped so many things from T2 that it felt like a low-budge remake. But once the series slowed down a little, they had more time to explore some interesting concepts related to AI development and time travel. Now that I’ve seen ‘em all, I’d say they did pretty well, although not perfect in terms of a series arc, as a couple storylines get dropped/underdeveloped and it doesn’t come to a satisfying conclusion (although that might be because of the strike).

    That said, I like Glau’s robot character a lot, and the fish-out-of-water humour works surprisingly well.

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