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The AeroPress

    8 February 2006, mid-morning

I bought one of those fancy coffee making machines with a coworker of mine. The coffee that we get here at work is bad. The coffee itself, combined with the horrible coffee machine and the people who feel compelled to use two packs of coffee to make one pot, results in a perfect storm of bad coffee. This week I have been enjoying some truly excellent coffee, thanks to the AeroPress. The machine does work wonders. Even the lame coffee we get here at work tastes better. I made some of my co-workers coffee from Ecuador and it was something else. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of coffee that doesn’t taste sour or like bleach. I’ll need to track down some good grounds next. Any coffee drinkers out there have any suggestions?



  1. First, I suggest that you get a grinder and grind from whole beans—much fresher, much better. The people at coffeegeek will beg to differ, but you can do pretty well with a $30 blade grinder. For this kind of press, you’ll want a relatively coarse grind. Second, find a good local roaster and sample their wares. Good, locally-roasted beans make great coffee and will make you feel good about supporting local merchants, too. If you get hardcore, you can start surfing coffee blogs.

  2. Moonbean in Kensington has a good variety of fair trade coffee roasted on site, some of which is organic. I used to go there all the time during my masters, and was looking forward to spending even more time there while I was looking for work. oh well, maybe when this contract is up I can devote more time to moonbean cafe. Ummm…yeah, good coffee.

  3. you have to buy filters for that thing. that blows.

    dude, you can start brewing coffee like Prof. Ragde. Order your beans from Ohio and roast them yourself! Or order some from Peet’s and have a headache for the rest of the day (shit is so strong).


  4. Well it comes with 365, which should last me over a year. I think I can live with buying more later. One of my coworkers brought in some ground beans that he roasted himself. It seems like a pretty good idea, though I don’t know if I am into coffee enough to go to the effort. I thik i’ll start by checking the place Heather recomended out.

    Ragde is such a gangstarr.

  5. Alan Adler, the inventor of the AeroPress, says he personally uses each filter 20 times, with no degradation to the brew. Just rinse them out after each use.

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