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The Avengers

   25 May 2012, early morning

Like everyone else on the planet, I recently watched The Avengers. It was pretty good for much of the film, as then ends off pretty great. My main concern when I first heard they were making the film was how they would avoid turning the movie into Ironman III. Joss Whedon did an amazing job giving each character in the ensemble their time to shine. It really did feel like a well balanced film about a team, not individual heroes. Being a Joss Whedon film we also have a turbo-foxy strong female lead, Scarlet Johansen, doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to moving the story forward. I think her character would have been an after thought if this project was being run by someone else. The only character that I felt suffered in the film was poor Hawkeye. I think Jeremy Renner plays the part well enough, but he feels a bit out of place for much of the film. His character is a bit too serious and brooding, and his role in the group seems to overlap the Blackwidow’s. As many others have said, Mark Ruffollo was an amazing Hulk. My favorite part (and line) in the film comes when he transforms into the hulk the second time. The plot of the movie makes enough sense to be fun. There is Loki, evil space aliens, that cube the Nazi’s were using to power their laser guns, etc. The Avengers is very much a comic book movie, much like the first Ironman film. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is a lot of humour mixed in with the action and (occasional) drama. You can see Whedon’s mark throughout the film. Hopefully now that he’d wildly successful we’ll get a second season of Firefly.

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  1. Best part = no Michael Bay? ;)

  2. It’s Joss.

    The least interesting part of the movie was actually the final battle.

    The second act on the carrier was a lot better and had more going on.

    Really like the detail they’ve put into the design aspects of all the Avengers related movies, particularly the in-suit shots of Stark.

  3. We’re probably never going to get another season of Firefly, at least not until Castle is cancelled and it’s been renewed for a fourth season. Just imagine the logistics of trying to get the surviving cast and enough of the original crew back together to maintain the same feel.

  4. It’s going to be hard with the next season of Terminator SCC.

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