A painting of me

The Beaconsfield and the Gladstone

   3 November 2006, lunch time

The Beaconsfield, has good burgers. Actually, most of the items on the menu looked pretty good, but Heather felt we should definitely get the burgers: she had heard good things about them. We both drank Amsterdam Blondes and talked, while waiting for Shima and Ali to arrive. Heather will be off in London soon, leaving Matt as the sole friend I stole from Tyler to remain in the city. I’d start singing All By Myself , but I’m not quite all alone just yet. Ali and Shima arrived a short while later, and not too long after that our food arrived. The burgers were really good; Heather had not been misinformed. Ali ordered a burger as well, though not before telling us about his new healthy life-style. The Beaconsfield started to fill up as we made out way out. We all walked over to the Gladstone to see a small art exhibit taking place on the second floor of the hotel. The Gladstone has changed a lot since the last time I was there. The interior is quite nice. We wandered around for a bit, enjoying the art. And then were back on the street. And then we were all home.



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