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The Descent

    6 February 2012, evening time

The Decent is one of those movies it’s best to watch knowing as little about the film as possible. So, i’ll just say that the film is about a group of thrill seaking women who go spellunking in a cave. It’s filmed so well. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so claustraphobic in a movie. The shots of the women crawling through the tight crevises of the cave will creep you out. I quite liked the film. Most scenes are quite dark, being illuminated solely by the gear the women are carrying. (Well, at least it looks that way.) The lighting is another thing I found quite creative about the movie. I quite liked this movie. It’s on Netflix, so you can watch it right now!

I’d link to the official The Descent website, but I think it gives away too much of the story.



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