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The Lomography Supersampler

   18 March 2007, early morning

My Lomo Supersampler

Getting people to shell out $200 dollars for a junky Russian camera is hard work. At some point, the people behind the Lomographic Society started pimping cheaper novelty cameras. Shima bought me one when she went to the MET in New York with her family, the Lomography Fisheye. More recently, my cousin Jana also bought me a Lomo camera, a blue Supersampler.

The Lomo Supersampler is a small light plastic camera. Instead of housing a single lens, like most cameras, the Supersampler has four; these four lens fire in sequence to create little photo-montages. They can fire over a period of 2 seconds, or 0.2 seconds. Like the Fisheye camera, the Supersampler is a straight-up point and shoot. If you want to shoot on a bright sunny day, you better have loaded the camera up with ISO 100 film; If you want to shoot indoors, you better have some ISO 800 and a bit of luck.

As with the Fisheye, the appeal of the camera comes from the fact its so mindless to use. You pull a rip-chord to spool the film, press a button and you’re done. My first roll turned out much better than my first roll with the Fisheye. This Camera works best out doors. It took me ages to finish my first roll of film with this camera. Know that I now it works I think i’ll have to experiment with it more.

Carvill pointing



  1. Fix your photoblog you bum! I don’ like having to go through flickr to see photos. And when are you going to integrate “We must Abuse broadband” 1.0 with the current version? There are so many photos on your original one that you didn’t bother to migrate.

    And this supersampler is quite intereting. It reminds me of some of the photos Sam takes on ddoi. You gotta take photos while on a bike or something.

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