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The Protector

   10 March 2008, mid-morning

Despite a warning from Mezan I decided to watch the Protector: it’s a really bad movie. Shima and I started off watching the US release, but switched to the original Thai version once I realized there were two versions on the DVD we rented. We should have stuck with the US version I think: the original movie is 20 minutes longer, and features some horrible English dialog — really, really bad stuff. The film’s plot is stupid and the acting is really atrocious. All of that said, it’s probably worth watching the film in fast forward just for the fights. There are some really good action sequences in the film, in particular the single-take fight in the illegal restaurant. It’s also great watching Tony Ja enter a scene by taking two dudes out with his flying knees of fury. The Protector is clearly a big budget film, I just wish they spent the money better.

The official The Protector web site.



  1. You forgot to mention I stopped watching after the first 1/2 hour. The fighting wasn’t good enough to keep me entertained! 8o|

  2. It sounds to me like Mezan actually suggested you watch it.

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