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The Scarlet Monastery

   29 March 2007, early morning

Yesterday I finally finished all of the Scarlet Monastery dungeon, thereby earning my much sought after Sword of Omen. (And, for those of you, who like Shima, never spent your childhood watching Cartoons, the real Sword of Omens gives you sight beyond sight.) I normally run these instances in “pick-up” groups, since I don’t have any friends besides Gary that play World of Warcraft. Normally people complain pick-up groups are disastrous, but I have had good luck thus far with them. Usually there will be 4 players that know what they are doing — including myself — and someone not so hot. Yesterday the not so hot fellow was a Warlock, but since he was the highest level character his messing up wasn’t so bad. The rest of us could have done the run by ourselves it looked like, but he was certainly helpful killing the bosses. Last night also marked the first time I did nothing but heal during an instance: it wasn’t as horrible as I had thought it would be. I’m thinking about switching to being a Holy Paladin. The problem as I see it is that leveling a Holy paladin would be far too slow a process. I accidentally ninja’d Herod’s Shoulders, which is some nice armor for a paladin like myself. The worse part was that I had told everyone to pass on Bind on Pickup items earlier, and everyone followed the rule save myself. There were no hard feelings thankfully — no one in the group could use them save the warrior, but he was cool with my messing up. And I think I’ve run out of dorky things to say about my evening. This is what happens when I don’t go out on a weeknight, and Shima isn’t home.



  1. “And, for those of you, who like Shima, never spent your childhood watching Cartoons” ..
    uh? I watched tons of cartoons. In fact, I only watched cartoons when I was a kid. I even watched cartoons when I lived with my parents the last eight months before I moved in with you..

    When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch ‘grown up’ shows.. but my parents were okay with me watching cartoons!

    And just because I didn’t spend my whole childhood vegetating in front of a TV and actually got out and did stuff (i.e. going to karate, persian school, japanese school, swimming, piano, playing OUTDOORS) does not mean I didn’t watch cartoons!!

    I thought you knew me! 8o|

    I bet you don’t know anything about what cartoons are on YTV nowadays! and I bet you can’t have a conversation about all the cartoons on TV with 6-8 year olds! Guess WHO DOES on a regular basis?! YEAH!

    I’m kind of sad that you thought I didn’t watch cartoons and that is why I am ranting. But I did! I dare you to name a cartoon I didn’t watch!

  2. I think the reason you think I didn’t watch cartoons is because I was pretty old by the time I moved to Canada, so yes, I wouldn’t know anything about all the old and classic cartoons, but I’d like to think I caught up quickly.. and I bet I know more about Ali-kochoolooo (a persian cartoon which Ali and I use to watch when we were back in Iran) than you!

    Okay I’ll stop.


  4. OMG ram, you damn bumbai, stop playing WOW.

    Also, check this, I was at Boston Pizza and the bar was split, half came to see the Raptors play, and than the other half of the bar (full of minorities) came to see the Cricket World Cup. It was awesome to see, cus one guy went over and was like “How do you play cricket”, and than these guys all explained how cricket works. Only in Toronto!

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