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The Simpsons Movie

   30 July 2007, terribly early in the morning

I wasn’t sure when, if ever, I would watch the Simpsons film in the theatres. The show hasn’t been that great in ages. Saturday night I found myself at a drive-in in Oakville. I knew what movie I had to watch. The film was much better than I had expected. It can’t compete with episodes of yore, but it is certainly a big step up from the sort of stuff they have been producing recently. The story begins when Homer adopts a big, and kind of goes from there. It does feel like a feature length film — albeit a very short one: the movie clocks in at under an hour and a half long. The art is actually a bit better, using tricks from Futurama to give some scenes that quasi 3D feel. I think the film is worth watch if you are a fan of the show.

The official the Simpsons movie web site.



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