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The Sticky Light Project

   25 September 2007, early evening

I got an email from one of the artists that lives in the area:

We are now deep into the school Bloor NIGHTLIGHT “sticky light” project and it’s very exciting – we may have well over 300 original tiny sculptures that light up – all created by hundreds of art students from five schools and colleges. The Student School have been very excited about he project and have their whole school participating in a special outing at High Park .

There are a ton of events happening in my area for Nuit Blanche, this is one of them. If you are out that night be sure to make your way out to Bloor and Lansdowne. There are 10 exhibits in the area, all based around the theme of light. One of the exhibits is taking place in the house of lancaster (one of the strip clubs); artists are taking over the joint and doing various performances in that venue. Sadly, there won’t be any naked ladies. There are more details about the Bloor Night Light exhibit at the Nuit Blanche site itself.



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