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The Yellow Griffin Pub

   28 July 2006, early morning

I went to the Yellow Griffin last night with Dave. I’ve been several times now, and feel confident when I say it’s probably the best burger place in the city. (It’s also a nice pub.) You can get 6 different types of burgers (beef, lamb, chicken, veggie, turkey and pork), served with 35 different sets of toppings. For example, the burger I like the best, the “Bollywood Burger”, comes is rubbed with tandori paste, and served with mango chutney and yogurt. There are all sorts of strange and tasty burger choices. The sides are good too. (I usually get sweet potato fries, which are excellent.) One of Carvill’s friend was trying to convince us Apache Burger was the best burger joint in town. It’s good, but isn’t even in the same league as the Yellow Griffin. I really can’t think of any other burger places that compare.



  1. I get lousy service every time I go there! It’s not that the servers are bad because all the girls that work there are amazing, it’s their boss. She understaffs the lunch and dinner rush so 1 server is responsable for 18 tables. even the best servers can not be everwhere at once. She is constantly pulling them aside and insulting them for not doing a good job while they are trying to get orders in or get to a table that wants service. The burgers are medium at best and the place needs a proper cleaning service not just the overworked servers scrubing on their break. This Lady has no idea how to operate a restraunt and should stick to serving booze.

  2. I was there on the weekend with friends, and as you say, it was incredibly slow service. The one lady was working a full room all by herself.

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