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Time to Vote

    8 June 2004, early evening

I went downtown today to have lunch with my Father and my Cousin. We went to this little Italian deli in the lobby of my Dad’s office tower. They make excellent sandwiches. The three of us at lunch and discussed the up coming election.

The Canadian federal elections are coming up soon, and everyone should really go out and vote. At the very least, voting gives you license to bitch about the government. I can’t stand people who bitch about how the government is screwing them over, meanwhile they don’t take the time out of their day to vote.

Today, I learnt that Dr. Raymond Cho was not a NDP candidate, but was running in my riding as in independent. I thought his sign looked a bit off, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I have no strong feelings for Dr. Cho, but up until today, he was who I thought I would be voting for.

I’ll probably still end up voting NDP, since they are the party whose platform I most agree with. I wish they had a proper candidate in my riding, but since I am almost 100% certain that the candidate in my riding won’t win, I don’t mind voting for this mystery person. As I understand it, the amount of popular support the party gets will be translated into more funding for the party, so it isn’t quite a wasted vote.

Apparently several polls are showing that the Conservatives are gaining some ground. What’s up with that? This election will be quite interesting I am sure.



  1. I was out of the country when they changed the funding rules for the political parties, so I’m quite foggy on the details, but I think under the new system each party gets something like 2 cents for each vote they collect. Maybe that isn’t the right amount. But it sounds nice. You can give them your 2 cents worth! :-)

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