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Typhoon Mortar and Pestle

   24 August 2009, terribly early in the morning

Shima’s previous place of employment was nice enough to give us a $250 dollar gift certificate to William Ashley as a wedding gift. If you are unaware, William Ashley is one of those shops where you can go and buy fancy place settings and china and other fancy things for your home. $250 is a lot of money, but at a place like William Ashley it actually doesn’t go that far. You can easily get one 5-piece place setting, which might work well if you lived alone and never entertained, but to get a set of four would cost upwards of $600. Because neither of us has been dying to eat off expensive-ass plates, we had made no progress spending the money on the card. And so a year passed. Yesterday we went to the store committed to spend it all. More so, we decided we would only buy things we would never think of buying with real money. These were to be the most opulent purchases we could make — well, within our gift-card budget.

Shima needed a mortar and pestle, so we left with the following:

A typhoon mortar and pestle.

This is probably the most expensive small-ass cast-iron mortar and pestle you can buy in Toronto. We are going to crush saffron in it. That was $50 bucks. ($50! My god.)

Our second purchase was to be a magnificent toaster. Sadly, they were out of stock. We are waiting for them to let us know when they are back in stock. Expect another blog post about that in the near future.



  1. WM Ashley has massive sales twice (once?) a year. The discounts are pretty big — like 40-60%. It’s a bit of a zoo, but even so, we were happy with the service (and we aren’t big spenders by any means) and even happier with the prices. I assume gift certs would apply even during a sale.

  2. The toaster is here. We can go get it tomorrow? :o

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