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Vanishing Point @ Labyrinth

    6 August 2004, mid-afternoon

Promised a night of indie, brit, and soul, Simon and I headed down to Labyrinth to see our friend Matt kick of his latest weekly residency. As you may recall, Matt also spins Tuesday’s at IV lounge, and Sundays at Cobalt. Thursday nights he now spins at Labyrinth for a night he has dubbed Vanishing Point.

Labyrinth lounge is a nice enough place. It doesn’t compare to the places I’ve been going to recently at College and Bathurst, but it is still quite nice. The place is split in two, one side being the bar, the other side being the lounge. The lounge is actually quite nice, the bar less so. There is plenty of room to sit and enjoy a drink.

The music was great, which was to be expected. The set is quite similar to what Matt spins at Cobalt, a mix of British music. The crowd was really in to the music, and seemed quite knowledgeable about what was playing. Many of the songs I heard that I enjoyed turned out to be requests from the crowd. The crowd at Labyrinth was quite friendly and laid back. Victor showed up by chance, which was quite a surprise.

Drinks at Labyrinth are cheap, university town cheap. Domestic beers were $2.50, which is quite rare to see in Toronto. Apparently mix drinks were a similar price. Matt had a $40 dollar bar tab, which he was gracious enough to share with Simon and I; we were more then happy to impose. Martini’s at Labyrinth are quite good, and more to the point, quite cheap. The fact that Simon and I got ours for free was a nice bonus though. I think Simon and I—well mostly I—drank up more then half of Matt’s tab.

I suppose there may be some bias in everything I’ve just written. I know Matt from high school, and to boot, he bought me drinks. I think despite this the facts remain the same: Vanishing Point is at a nice venue, features great music, and has a cool crowd. What else do you need?



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