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Washing my Nudies

    6 March 2009, early morning

I only had a few more weeks to go after freezing my Nudies till I needed to wash them. I did this over the weekend, on March 1st, following the schedule I set for myself back in September. I think the jeans faded quite nicely and the fact I washed them was certainly more noticeable than it was when I washed my Julian Reds.

Like my Julian Reds, I washed the jeans on delicate in my washing machine. I used a little bit of tide, which I’m sure people on denim forums say is a no-no. When the machine started its spin cycle I opened the lid, took out the jeans, folded them neatly, and placed them back in the machine along its wall. I’m not sure this is necessary, but I didn’t want them banging around inside the machine. Unlike my Julian Reds, I washed the jeans in water that was somewhere between warm and hot, closer to hot. I think this might have helped with the fading and highlighting the contrast. Nudie recommends using water that is 60 Fahrenheits, which is probably what one would call lukewarm.

The raw selvedge denim Nudie uses in their jeans seems quite nice. They held up very well to non-stop wear for half a year. Even after being washed there are no holes or tears. If you are looking to buy a pair of dry denim jeans than a pair of Nudies is probably a very safe bet.

I am wearing a pair of APC black dry denim New Standards right now, but that’s a whole other story.



  1. i am scared to wash my nudies because i’ve become accustomed to the dark color. your pics show that they still stayed pretty dark. awesome.

  2. They should keep most of their colour as long as you don’t wash them in hot water. You can also add salt to the wash the first time you wash them, which sets the dye. Or something. I might do this the next time I put them in the wash. My Julian Reds faded a lot post washing, though i’m not entirely sure if that’s because I let Shima wash them once. Hah.

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