A painting of me

Why is it so cold?

   20 May 2008, terribly early in the morning

The air is brisk and cool. The sky is grey, overcast. I walk to work with a touque on, my hands in my pockets. You can tell winter is fast approaching. No wait. It’s May. Seriously Canada?



  1. in related news, it was 31 degrees yesterday here. This time last year it was -2.

    weather = crazy

  2. don’t forget that it was +25C and sunny for a week straight in mid-april.

    perspective, ram. perspective.

  3. That makes it all the worse. They taunt us with nice weather, and then take it away.

  4. seriously. the weather turned to crap the day after my last exam.

  5. New ice age is coming. Get used to it.

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