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   16 August 2007, early evening

I finally got around to fixing my ATOM and RSS feeds for my link posts. When I link to another site, the link you click in the feed will take you to the site, not here. I think this makes more sense. The ‘#’ at the end of the link description will take you to the post about the link on this site.



  1. oh i thought you did that on purpose for stats collection. you have no idea how much this speeds things up for me. i used to open up all the tabs with your post pages and then do a second pass, opening up the links. thanks!

  2. No it was just because I was lazy. This is actually how things were done for a while way back when. I think I forgot to update my feeds when I did my big upgrade from my homebrew install to TxP 4.0. I track stats with Mint, and I should still be able to see what links people click.

  3. You need a feed that includes comments people write. I keep missing out on all the 3rd party posts here because I never actually load up your page anymore; I just use google’s rss reader.

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