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Changes, Changes.

   13 March 2004, mid-afternoon

I am thinking about moving the site over to another content management system, Textpattern. I’ve been mucking around with it on my machine, and it looks quite interesting. For one thing, I think I could have my photoblog posts and my normal posts all stored in the same place, and they could be displayed together on a main index page easily, but they could also be displayed as they are now, as two quite different sties, just as easily. Anyways, I don’t know if i’ll actually do any of this. I kind of just wanted to type up a semi-long post to see if the new layout of my index page looks OK.



  1. sometimes I think I waste too much time mucking around with these pages! argh.

  2. ram, DO YOUR WORK!!!!!!!! GRRRRR...

    (i'm only posting this message, cuz u told me to tell you to stop messing around with your page when you had school stuff to do)

  3. your index page at funkaoshi.com looks majorly fuxored in ie. just a heads up. you don't have to try and fix this. focus on your school work.

  4. Anyone know if it works now?

  5. RAM! Spiffy new layout! looking good. Ignore that shima, webpages are priority, don't listen to silly girls. :P

    PS: the toggle is not working.

  6. matt, what do u mean don't listen to me? its all about me! he he he.... and i'm not silly... sure i'm clumsy, but not silly... well okay maybe a little bit silly. i need to stop posting comments on ram's blog page and just go and blog on my own page. but whats the fun in that? :D

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