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Del.icio.us Links on the Front Page

   22 July 2004, terribly early in the morning

I believe I’ve mentioned a few times I wanted to display my del.icio.us links on the front page of this site. I’ve grown quite fond of this layout, and really don’t want to add another column of text where the links could go. I experimented with listing the ten most recent links at the top of this page, but was unhappy with the result. Kottke and Plasticbag displays links and posts in a fashion I found most appealing; both sites list their interesting links inbetween their posts. I set out to duplicate Jason Kottke’s style in textpattern.

The details are long and boring. The way I store the links in textpattern is essentially what sencer describes in this textpattern forum thread.

The next step will be to import all my del.icio.us links into textpattern, and from here on out post to both del.icio.us and textpattern. I’ll probably write my own form to do this. Or something.

The question to ask now is, does this layout work? How do the links look on the page? What are your opinions on this whole endeavour?



  1. yay. looking good in IE. but you already knew that. :P

  2. The links look fine, but its seems a bit awkward, I think you need to find a way to differentiate them from the posts or something, otherwise it looks a bit weird. Maybe choose some different colors?

  3. I imagine I’ll be mucking around with this for the next few days. I’m trying a more subdue colour to delineate the link blog posts as different from normal posts. From their structure I think it should also be clear they just aren’t short posts by me. I’m curious to hear what other people think.

  4. The details are long and boring, though I may post them if people are interested.

    We don’t mind. Thanks in advance.

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