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Ask.Mefi: I lied about having cancer to my boss. Now what? ⇒

   12 November 2009, mid-morning

What the fuck? Of course, there is a metatalk thread. I think if I had saw the Ask.Mefi thread first I might have got myself banned from the site.

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  1. This happens more than you think.
    I had an employee who faked breast cancer about 4 years ago.
    It’s quite lucrative.
    Your co-workers, and employer totally cut you slack. You can take tons of time off with little questioning…and you get an incredible amount of sympathy and help.
    …and no one can dare say anything to you, even if they suspect that you might not be telling the truth. To suggest that someone would lie about being sick with cancer is unfathomable.

  2. The only reason I found out she was faking was when she had an accident at work, and I drove her to the hospital. She wanted me to get lost..drop her at emerg and leave. But, I insisted. When we went through the admission process I pressed her to inform them about her illness, and the meds she claimed she was on. She couldn’t do it…she had to fess up right there.

  3. Holy shit. That is bizarre. So what happened next? I mean, how do you keep working when a lie like that is exposed?

  4. She didn’t.
    She quit.

    She moved to the suburbs, and dropped all of the friends who cooked for her, let her take their vacation time, covered for her when she was consistently late, pooled money for her to pay for various things she said weren’t covered by extended health and OHIP…and the people she borrowed money from.

    I get pissed off just thinking about her.

    She never even faced the people she used. She just left.

  5. That is bizarre. What’s crazy is someone else in that MetaTalk thread also knew someone who lied about having cancer. WTF? How is this even common?

  6. You know what’s terrible about this kind of fraud?
    It’s hard to prosecute because people gave of their time, and money willingly.

    Her co-workers actually donated their vacation time, and sick time to this woman…in writing.

    It’s absolutely disgraceful that people like that can walk away without punishment.

    She was smart enough to use her co-workers and not insurance.

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