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Apple's Mighty Mouse. ⇒

   2 August 2005, early evening

The end of days is near.

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  1. As I said on Ars, without bluetooth this mouse will not be anything other than a neat toy to play with in the store. Plus I am in love with my new Logitech MX laser mouse. Mmmm… did I mention I just got a 2GHz iMac with 2GB of RAM? I have decided I am electrosexual…

  2. That computer sounds awesome, you son of a bitch.

    Also, I thought the lack of a bluetooth was strange, since this is supposed to be some sort of pimped up mouse. Almost all of Apple’s computers now come with built in bluetooth, which you would think would be all the more reason to make this a wireless mouse.

  3. It looks good, but for me the lack of Bluetooth in a mouse is not an issue. Wireless connectivity is definitely cool, but it just doesn’t offer me any practical benefit.

  4. Hey guys Bluetooth and pointer inaccuracy go hand in hand. But I do have a shitty mouse anyways. Plus it will suck all the jucie out of my already energy depleted Powerbook.

    Ben, nice setup.

    So Ram, are you buying one?

  5. It used to take me 2 minutes to open 10 of my full sized pictures from the Canon 20D on my old clunker PC. I can now open 50 in a minute on my iMac. Which is my way not only of pointing out how beautiful my new computer is, but also of reminding you that I own a 20D.

    In the end, however, I have a 20D and an iMac, and you have a sh!ma. And for that I must forever consider you the bigger bastard.