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Why Presto and the TTC don’t mix. ⇒

   28 September 2016, lunch time

The TTC’s rollout of Presto is at best very confusing, at worst kind of terrible.

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  1. why is it that cities can’t do these roll outs? How hard can it be? Vancouver’s Compass card took forever to roll out, and it was also plagued with problems

  2. I have a Suica (Japan’s Presto equivalent) in Tokyo and I can basically use that anywhere in the COUNTRY. The whole country basically does transit effectively the same way. You pay by distance. When you do it like that things quickly get simpler since all you are doing is just figuring out how far someone went and charge them that amount. I can also charge my suica anywhere I can use it which means I can charge it on a bus or even in a convenient store.

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